Marketing & Advertising Services

TV Advertising Services

We offer television advertising through our programs in the forms of product placement, logo placements, product and or company name mentions,  as well as traditional advertising billboard spot and commercial buys.


Product Placement & Company Name Mentions

Product Placement  and and Company Name Mentions:  these opportunities are great for increasing awareness of the brand and increasing confidence in the products.  If your goal is to work towards become a household name but you are on a small advertising budget, these opportunities are great for working towards your goals. We can cut these clips if requested as well , and send to customers so you may upload them onto your website, and or social media verticals for  marketing material use.  ( Product Placements must be planned prior to filming, so if wanting these opportunities, it is suggested to lock in contract 1 year out from airing date, to make the cuttoff for the filming seasons.)

Billboard Advertising

  • TV Billboard Advertising : Example this segment brought to you by (Company Name, Slogan ) with Logo Impression.  For some businesses we offer to make graphic flyer for this particular ad buy, so that we can see the logo, and image of the product and put the contact information. We feel this is a better fit for some businesses, as each business is different, we aim to provide the best outcome.  In addition to using flyers as the billboard ads, we can also use these in social media for special campaigns.

See some of the flyers below as example:

For this particular ad, we wanted to show a specific product being used for the early season hunt, the goal was to not only show the logo, but the individual product use for this particular campaign. The early season hunt oftentimes is still very hot, and ticks are an issue, to help with this, hunters can spray down the blinds the help have a safe season free from tick bites. Our second goal here was to show how we can get our kids involved in hunting, from the preparation to the actual field, our children learn what we teach them, including our kids from an early age is how we can grow the next generation of hunters.

Commercial Advertising

  • – Commercial Advertising is great for educating about product, a service,  a sale, or an event and or re-enforcing an established message.

Commercial packages deliver more frequency in advertising, to allow consumers to see and hear the marketing message.  Being that it takes 6 to 8 times to make an impression on consumer , commercials are able to leave an imprint with full season commercial airings. It is also suggested for customers to upload their commercials in their social media and share these often, to set a plan, for example, commercial post shared every Friday all 52 weeks of the year on their facebook page, possible shared in groups at least once a month.

Some considerations to think about your commercial package, who is your target audience, are you talking to them at a the right time,  are you talking to them in their language,  is the message going to resonate with them.

Example, are your customers women or men, are they younger or older, are you advertising at a time of year when they are looking to buy,  are you advertising in verticals where they are watching and or listening, and are you speaking their language?

If your target audience for example is women demographic, you probably won’t need radio advertising on a classic country station but rather today’s pop radio might be a better choice. If your target audience are hunters, you probably won’t need to by commercials on home decorating channels. Consider who your audience is, where they are watching and listening, what message you want to deliver to them , and when the message needs to be delivered to work towards the goals you have set.

Additional Considerations ; What are the goals of the commercial? Is the goal to drive website traffic, is the goal to increase signups for future marketing efforts and campaigns, is the goal to educate about a product, to introduce a product etc?  After you have determined the goal of the commercial, you need to develop the commercial inline with the goal. If you need help with this, we can help with strategy development!


Social Media Influencer Advertising

We provide advertising opportunities via our social media platforms.

See our sections of the website below for details on platforms available.

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Marketing Services

Marketing Consultation and Strategy Development – We provide assistance in developing annual marketing plans. Contact for more information on these services.

We have many options available for marketing and advertising in many budgets.

We believe that each business is different with many variables in the marketing and advertising planning.

We develop marketing and advertising plans custom for each business.

Whether you are looking for tv advertising, radio advertising ,marketing strategy development, social media marketing, or events marketing we can help.

Contact for information.